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Frequently asked Questions

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The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions are given here.

  • Admission related Queries

    1.    What is the minimum eligibility criteria?

          For B.E. programmes, a student must have obtained a minimum 60% overall aggregate of marks in the CBSE, IB or its equivalent international, national or state board and must have a minimum aggregate of 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects with at least 50% marks in each subject.

         (If a Candidate has secured less than 50% marks in any one of these subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology but has passed in the subjects and meets the aggregate criteria mentioned above,  he/she may be considered for provisional admission. The admission will be confirmed only upon the successful completion of a remedial course in that subject with a minimum grade of 'C', offered by the institute preferably before the commencement of the first semester.) 

         For M.E and M.B.A. programmes the minimum requirement is B.E/ B.Tech in respective specializations with minimum of 60% aggregate. 

    2.    Is it compulsory to appear for the BITSAT or any other Entrance Test for securing admission in Dubai Campus?

         BITSAT is not compulsory for Dubai Campus. Admission at Dubai Campus will be based on the aggregate secured by you in the 12th Grade Qualifying Examination. However appearing in BITSAT will be beneficial for you. Besides having an opportunity to seek admission in Indian Campuses, you can avail scholarship in Dubai Campus on the first semester tuition fee with a BITSAT score of 200 or above  and  hostel concession of 25% for all four years with a score of BITSAT Score of 150 or above. The test will be conducted in May at Dubai and in several cities in India.

    3.    Is TOEFL score required for admission?

         The TOEFL is not required for students from English medium schools with a good proficiency in English. Only students from non-English medium schools must submit the TOEFL score of 500 for a paper based test and 61 for an internet based test. You can take the test as an Internet-based Test (IBT) or a paper-based test (PBT), depending on which format is offered at your test Centre. Alternatively you may also submit an IELTS score of 5.

    4.    How is the selection done?

          A merit list is prepared in the descending order of the merit of the candidates based on their aggregate percentage of marks in the Qualifying Examination (12th Grade).

          From the above list, based on the availability of seats and the preferences, candidates are allotted seats in each programme.

         If a candidate is not allotted his first preference due to non-availability of seats, his second and subsequent preference will be considered.

         If the candidate does not indicate more than one preference or gives only limited number of preferences, he stands to lose admission in a programme even though seats are available and he has the merit since he has not opted for the programme. Hence, all candidates are advised to exercise their preferences with care.

    5.    When can I apply for the next batch?

         The Applications for the next batch commencing January 2019 are  available. You can submit your application online before the last date (12 Dec 2018). Students completing high school in 2019 can apply online from Feb 2019 onwards for batch starting August 2019.

    6.  I do not stay in Dubai. Is it required for me or my parents to come there for applying or completing the admission process?

         It is not required for you or your parents to be physically present in Dubai for admissions. Application can be sent online and the entire admission process can be completed online and through emails. The final fee payment is made via bank transfer. You are required to be present only on the day of reporting. However if you are interested in seeing the campus before admission, you are most welcome

    7.    If I do not get the preference of my choice, will it be possible to transfer after first year?

          There is a flexibility of transfer available at the end of first year but it is highly competitive and depends on the availability of seats. You also have an option of opting for Dual Degree at the end of first year if you are interested in another specialization. For dual degree you will be required to study a minimum of one extra year and will qualify with two degrees.

       8.    Can I transfer to the Pilani or any other Indian Campus after studying in Dubai for a year or two?

         No, Inter-branch transfers are not permitted as all the campuses have fixed number of seats that are allotted at the time of admission. Nearly 40% of our students are from other countries (Parents live outside UAE). If the parents of any UAE based student are migrating back to India or any other country, the student can arrange to take up the Institute visa and stay in the campus hostel. 

  • Fee related Queries

    Fee related Queries


    1. How much is the tuition fee per year for B.E. programmes and what will be the payment pattern?


         The tuition fee is Dhs.21650 per semester (2 semesters in a year). The Parents are given a facility of paying this fee in 2 equal installments every semester of Dhs.10825/- each.  The Approximate time of the fee Installment payment will be as follows. The exact date deadlines will be given on the day of orientation.


    I Semester: 

        I     Instalment-Dhs.10825 - At the time of Admission

        II    Instalment-Dhs.10825 – November


    II    Semester: 

        I     Instalment-Dhs. 10825 – January

        II    Instalment-Dhs. 10825 – April

     So the total annual tuition fee per year is AED 43300  (Rs. 757750/- p.a approximately).


    2. How much is the tuition fee per year for M.E./ M.B.A. programmes and what will be the payment pattern?


         The tuition fee is Dhs.15500 per semester (2 semesters in a year). You are given a facility of paying this fee in 2 equal installments every semester of Dhs.7750/- each. The Approximate time of the fee Installment payment will be as follows. The exact date deadlines will be given on the day of orientation.


    I Semester: 

        I     Instalment-Dhs.7750 - At the time of Admission

        II    Instalment-Dhs.7750 – November


    II    Semester: 

        I     Instalment-Dhs.7750 – January

        II    Instalment-Dhs.7750 – April

     So the total annual tuition fee per year is AED 31000  (Rs. 558000/- p.a approximately).


    2.    What is the mode of payment?


         The fee must be paid in Dirhams by cash / Telex transfer/ bank Transfer etc.

          For Overseas Students, transferring the fee amount through the bank to one of the  University Bank Accounts is the safest, economical and fastest way of fee remittance.  Please refer Admission Bulletin 2018-19 for Account details.  


    3.    Is the fee Structure mentioned in the Bulletin complete or will there be any other hidden expenditure?


        There are no hidden costs. The entire fee is as per what is given in the admission bulletin. 



  • Hostel related Queries

    1. Do you have Hostel Facility for students within the campus?


    Separate Hostel facilities are provided for both boys and girls within the campus. The accommodation is suitably equipped to provide a safe and secure living environment. Each Hostel is provided with a resident warden and other essential staff. The entire campus is Wi-Fi supported and provided with Gymnasium, Sports facilities (both indoor and outdoor), First-Aid, Mini-Mart etc.


    2.  Is there a room sharing given to  the students?


         The hostel rooms are fully air-conditioned and every student is provided with a single occupancy furnished room consisting of a bed, cupboard and study table


    3.  What is the hostel fee?


    The hostel fee is Dhs.15000/- per semester  which includes accommodation and food. 


    4.   Are there separate charges for Food facility?


         The hostel fee includes the Mess facility ; Vegetarian as well as Non-Vegetarian food is provided for the residents


    5.  Is there any support given to the students to travel to city during the weekends?

         A college shuttle is provided every Friday which drops the students at one point ( Usually the City Centre Mall ) and then picks them back at a fixed time to bring them back to Hostel.

  • Visa Related Queries

    1.    What will be the procedure to get the visa as I’ll be turning 18 years soon? Whether it will be processed by the Institute?


    If you are a UAE resident and currently on the sponsorship of your father, you can continue on the same. If you are a male student, You should collect a letter from the Institute before going for your next renewal which certifies that you are a student of BITS Pilani. You can get your visa renewed with this letter every year, till you graduate. But Visa can also be facilitated through the Institute if you don’t want to stay on your father’s visa.


    Students from other countries are provided a student visa. It will be a student residence visa of one year duration and renewed annually. The student must submit the Passport copy along with visa application, requisite amount and a signed undertaking form to the Institute upon receiving the offer of admission. The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months at the time of applying the visa. The visa fee is subject to change based on UAE Government laws.



    2.  Will the parents who will come along with the students will also get Visa facilitation?

        The parents who wish to come along with their children to Dubai at the time of joining may arrange for their own visa and accommodation facilities or opt for visa and accommodation through the hotel referred by the Institute and avail corporate rates.

  • Other General Queries

    1.    How are the job prospects/ placements for Engineers in UAE? This is important as I will be taking education loan.


    BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus students are employed in world-class companies all over the world like Microsoft, Wipro, Siemens, Acer, Schlumberger, Emirates Airlines, Tata Consultancy, Sony Ericsson, Shell, Maersk etc . The median starting salary offer is Dhs. 6000/- per month with the highest starting salary offer being Dhs.19000/- per month till date. Apart from companies participating in the Placement programme on the campus (Last year-102 companies), several students also end up getting job offers from the companies they do their PS II.


    2. Can the BITS, Pilani-Dubai students get admission in other universities for Masters programmes?


    Yes, Our students are pursuing higher studies (Masters) at Globally reputed institutions like IIM, Stanford, Harvard, MIT Sloan school of management, Cornell, Caltech, University of Toronto, Texas A&M etc.


    3.   Where do you purchase the Text books from?


    The list of Text books will be sent to every candidate with the Admission Offer letter. You are required to purchase them from any bookstore in India or send an order to the authorized bookstore in Delhi or Pilani.


    4.   Is there any dress code for the College?


    All the students are expected to be decently dressed in smart casuals.


    5.   Do I need to take Medical Insurance?


    It is mandatory for every BITS student to have medical insurance. The Students must submit at the time of admission the proof of valid health insurance which can be used in UAE. Please note that health insurance taken outside UAE is not acceptable since such card holders have to pay the full bill amount at the time of treatment in UAE hospitals and subsequently get the money reimbursed from the country where the insurance has been taken from. Hence, it’s advisable to obtain health insurance cards from UAE health insurance companies only. The institute has made arrangements with a leading insurance company to provide health insurance to their students at a reduced cost.


    5.   Is there a clinic on the campus?


    A Clinic is provided on the ground floor of the academic block with a 24/7 paramedic facility. A vehicle is available for the clinic for transporting students to the hospital in cases of emergency.

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