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With expertise in diverse areas of Mathematics, faculties of the department are engaged in Teaching, Research and Institute Development.

  • Faculty

    Name Designation Phone
    Boggarapu, Pradeep
    Assistant Professor
    2580432 pradeepb
    Goel, Mayank Assistant Professor 2580225 mayankgoel Personal Website
    Gondhali, Shilpa
    Assistant Professor  2580366  shilpag Personal Website
    Kumar, Anil Assistant Professor 2580446 anilpundir Personal Website
    Kumar, Prasanna N. (HOD)
    Associate Professor 2580423 prasannak Personal Website
    Mohapatra, AnushayaAssistant Professor 2580426anushayamPersonal Website
    Mukherjee, Himadri
    Assistant Professor 2580467
    Personal Website
    Palla, Dhanumjaya Associate Professor 2580144 danu Personal Website
    Pandey, Manoj K. Assistant Professor 2580279 manojp Personal Website
    Patankar, Vijay M.Associate Professor2580201vijaypPersonal Website
    Paul, Prabal
    Assistant Professor 2580398
    Personal Website
    Prakash, Bijil Visiting Faculty 2580291 bijil Personal Website
    Sahoo, Jajati K. Assistant Professor 2580441 jksahoo Personal Website
    Samanta Gauranga C.
    Assistant Professor
    2580410 gauranga  
    Personal Website
    Sakar, AbhishekAssistant Professor 2580122 abhisheksPersonal Website
    Setia, Amit Assistant Professor 2580451 amitsetia Personal Website
    Singh, Tarkeshwar
    Associate Professor 2580435 tksingh Personal Website

  • Adjunct Faculty

  • Research Scholars

    Name Fellowship
    Area of Research
    Bhal, Santosh K.
    Institute p20130013
    Differential Equations
    Prof. Dhanumjaya P./Dr. Anil Kumar
    Handa, Adarsh K.
    Part Time
    p20130100 Graph Theory
    Prof. Tarkeshwar Singh
    Godonho, Aloysius Querobino
    NBHM p20140001 Graph Theory
    Prof. Tarkeshwar Singh
    Govekar, Sweta Suryakant
    Part Time p20140011
    Differential Equations Dr. Manoj K. Pandey
    Nandi, Ashish Kumar
    p20150017 Operator Theory Dr. J. K. Sahoo
    Shankar, Ravi
    Part Time
    p20150021 Financial Mathematics Dr. Mayank Goel
    Shah, Parth Mukeshbhai INSPIRE p20160022 Cosmology Dr. G. C. Samanta
    Pradhan, Pabitra Kumar
    p20160021 Differential Equations Dr. Manoj K. Pandey
    Mosani, Karim Amir
    p20160415 Cosmology Dr. G. C. Samanta
    Das, Arindam
    p20170002  ----- Dr. Himadri Mukherjee
    p20170003 Cryptography
    Dr. Prabal Paul
    Tushar, Jai
    p20170020 Control Theory Dr. Anil Kumar
    Paroolkar, Komal M.
    Part Time
    p20170017 Financial Mathematics
    Dr. Mayank Goel
    Yadav, Abhishek
    p20170434  Differential Equations Dr. Dhanumjaya P.
    Sahu, Bijaya Kumar
    p20170435 Cryptography Dr. Prabal Paul
    Panda, Saroja Kumar
    p20170436 Cosmology
    Dr. G. C. Samanta
    Dhankar, RituProjectp20180024Geometric Function TheoryProf. Prasanna Kumar N.
    Anand, MonalisaProjectp20180025Mathematical ModellingProf. P. Dhanumjaya
    Ganguly, SayantanInstitutep20180027Number TheoryDr. Prabal Paul
    Senapati P. Jitendra KumarInstitutep20180026Harmonic AnalysisDr. Pradeep B.
    Maharana, GayatriInstitutep20180028Operator TheoryDr. J. K. Sahoo
    Pradhan, Sujit K.Institutep20180407Control TheoryDr. Anil Kumar
    Madankar, Saurabh R.Institutep20180408 --Dr. Amit Setia
    Fathima Safikaa S. N.  JRF-UGCp20180409Topology  Dr. Shilpa Gondhali
    Agrawal, Sagar SunilJRF-CSIRp20180410--Dr. Himadri Mukherjee
    D'Souza, NatashaPart Timep20180439 Graph TheoryProf. Tarkeshwar Singh

  • Project Fellow

    Poject PI/Co-PI                                                   
    Project Title
    Dhankar, Ritu
    Prof. Prasanna Kumar N. A Study on the Inequalities Involving Complex Polynomials
    Anand, Monalisa
    Dr. Dhanumjaya P. /Prof. V. Sree Hari Rao
    Predictive Mathematical Modelling and Analysis for Effective Diagnosis and Control of Diabetes Mellitus with Associated Co-infections and Diseases Among Indians

  • Ph.D. Awarded

    Name Thesis Title Guide/Co-Guide Year
    Sharma, Vaishali

    Numerical Solution for Cauchy and Hypersingular Integral Equations by Using Legendre Polynomials

    Dr. Amit Setia October 2018
    Prakash, Bijil Application of Haar Wavelets Based Numerical Method to Mathematical Models in Fractional Calculus Dr. Amit Setia July 2018
    Pereira, Jessica
    Studies in Graceful Labelings of Graphs and its Variations
    Dr. Tarkeshwar Singh August 2016

  • Departmental Committees

    Departmental Research Committee (DRC) Dr. J.K. Sahoo (Convener), Prof. Prasanna Kumar N. (Chairperson), Dr. Anil Kumar, Prof. P. Dhanumjaya, Prof. Tarkeshwar Singh, Dr. Amit Setia, Dr. Mayank Goel
    Books/Library Committee Prof. P. Dhanumjaya (Convener), Dr. G. Samanta
    Event Management Committee (Seminar Coordinators) Dr. Amit Setia (Seminar Co-coordinator and Convener), Dr. Pradeep B., Dr. Prabal Paul
    Academic and Student Affairs Committee Dr. Manoj K Pandey (Convener), Prof. T. Singh, Dr. Mayank Goel., Dr. Bijil Prakash, Dr. J. K. Sahoo
    Annual Report/Data Management Committee Dr. Shilpa G. (Convener), Dr. Himadri Mukherjee
    Reception /Hospitality/Publicity committee Dr. Anil Kumar (Convener), Prof. Prasanna Kumar N.
    Alumni Affairs Committee Dr. Himadri Mukherjee (Convener), Prof. Prasanna Kumar N., Dr. Prabal Paul, Prof. P. Dhanumjaya, Dr. Anil Kumar


Candidates interested in doing Ph.D. in Mathematics, may send their resume to HOD at


  • Department organized an International Conference on Discrete Mathematics and its Applications to Network Science during July 7-10, 2018. For more details please click here.

  • Department received EMSSF-2017 (Elsevier Mathematical Sciences Sponsorship Fund-2017) fund support of Two Thousand Dollars ($2000) for activities to advance and promote mathematical sciences.

  • Department received DST-FIST project from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India to establish Scientific Computing Laboratory.


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