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The department houses common apparatus such as Supermasscolloider (Ultrafine friction grinding machine), Micro Gas chromatography (Agilent G3581A-490, used to detect C1-C5 gases, CO2, N2, H2, O2 using TCD and FID detectors), Vacuum Oven, Moisture Analyzer , Karl Fisher Titrator, Electrospinning Machine, Fluidized bed Granulator, BET Surface area analyser (0.1-1500 m2 /g), Gas Liquid Chromatography (FID detector),  Muffle furnace (1000 OC), Fixed bed reactor ( up to 1200 OC), Brookfield Rheometer, Potentiostat & Galvanostat, Temperature controller bath, High Pressure Autoclave (PARR reactor, 350 OC, 140 Kg/cm2 ), Reid Vapor Pressure Bath , Rotary Microtome (Leica, sections of 500 nm using tungsten carbide and diamond knife, automated), Humidity Chamber (40 to 80% RH, 10 OC - 60 OC), Tray Fermenter , Stirred tank bioreactors, Rotary Pulp Digester (160 OC, 10 Kg/cm2), Lab Valley beater, Sheet former,  UV-Visible double beam Spectrophotometer (190-1100nm), Optical Microscope , Injection moulding (200OC), Compression moulding (250OC), Ultrasonic processor (VCX 130 Sonic Vibra cell.), Autoclave (Ambient to 140OC), Thermax Boiler (REVOMAX, 200 Kg/hr), Bubble cap distillation column and Filtration equipments.  Software tools such as ANSYS-CFD, COMSOL, MATLAB, MATHCAD, ASPEN, etc are also available for computational work in the Central Computer Aided Design laboratory.
In addition to the above instruments there are high end analytical instruments available in Central Analytical Laboratory. 
Department has following laboratories :

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