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  • B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science

    • CS C313 Object Oriented Programming and Design
    • CS C314 Software Development for Portable Devices
    • CS C321 Computers and Programming
    • # CS C342 Advanced Computer Organization
    • #CS C351 Theory of Computation
    • #CS C352 Data Base Systems
    • #CS C362 Programming Languages & Compiler Construction
    • #CS C363 Data Structures and Algorithms
    • #CS C372 Operating Systems
    • #CS C391 Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
    • CS C414 Telecommunication Switching Systems & Networks
    • CS C415 Data Mining
    • CS C422 Parallel Computing
    • CS C424 Software for Embedded Systems
    • CS C441 Selected Topics from Computer Science
    • CS C442 Advanced Algorithms & Complexity
    • CS C444 Real-Time Systems
    • CS C446 Data Storage Technologies and Networks
    • CS C451 Combinatorial Mathematics
    • CS C453 Discrete Mathematical Structures
    • #CS C461 Computer Networks
    • CS C471 Computer Graphics
    • CS C481 Graphical User Interfaces
    • CS C491 Special Projects
    All the courses marked (#) are the courses currently decided to be Compulsory Discipline Courses (CDC) by the Clause 1.08 Committee. In addition, one or two courses are required to be taken compulsorily in some Disciplines from the courses marked (*). The remaining courses will be available as electives under the category Discipline Courses Other than Compulsory (DCOC).

  • M.E. Computer Science

    Core Courses

    • CS G513 Network Security
    • CS G524 Advanced Computer Architecture
    • CS G525 Advanced Computer Networks
    • CS G526 Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
    • CS C623 Advanced Operating Systems

  • Integrated M.E. (Computer Science) with Information Security as Specialization

    Core Courses 
    • Discrete Structures for Computer Science 
    • Number Theory 
    • Cryptography 
    • Combinatorial Mathematics 
    • Information Law and Cyber Law 
    • Computer Crime and Forensics 
    • Ethical Hacking 
    • Secure Software Engineering 
    • Network & Systems Security  

  • Elective Courses

    • Computer Graphics 
    • Real Time Systems 
    • Object Oriented Programming and Design 
    • Reconfigurable computing 
    • Multimedia Computing 
    • Software for Embedded Systems 
    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Data Mining 
    • Network Programming 
    • Data Storage Technologies and Networks 
    • Parallel Computing 
    • Number Theory 
    • Distributed Database Systems 
    • Cloud Computing 
    • Software Engineering 
    • Machine Learning 
    • Advanced Compilation Techniques
    • Advanced Operating Systems

  • Ph.D.

    • Computer Architecture
    • Systems and Computer Networks
    • Theoretical Computer Science
    • Software Engineering
    • Data Management
    • Machine Learning


  1. 1. Dr. Suvadip Batabyal has been awarded the TUBITAK fellowship 2019, Govt. of Turkey, for visiting scientist position in the dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Sabanci University, Turkey.

  2. 2. Prof.G Geethakumari gave an invited talk on “Cloud Computing Security” at the Workshop on “Virtualization and Cloud Computing” organized by the UGC – Human Resource Development Centre (UGC – HRDC), JNTUH on February 14, 2019.

  3. 3. Dr. Anoop Kunchukuttan, Senior Applied Researcher, Microsoft AI and Research, gave a talk on “Machine Translation for Related Languages”, on Feb 7th, 2019. He discussed about Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) for related languages as well as about some of the useful and powerful extensions to the standard phrase-based SMT.

  4. 4. Dr. Abhaya Nayak, Associate Professor, Dept. of Computing, Macquire University, Sydney, Australia visited the Dept during January 15 – 16, 2019. He gave a talk on Trust in Context”. The talk discussed about how Spohn’s Ordinal Conditional Functions, which are used to model belief dynamics, when appropriately adapted and interpreted, can be applied to fruitfully model the dynamics of trust.

  5. 5. Dr. Jagadish Suryadevara, Global Product Architect, VOLVO Group (Construction Equipment), Sweden visited the Dept on January 2, 2019. He delivered a lecture on “Emerging Systems Landscape: From Connected Machines to Data Analytics”.

  6. 6. Prof. Sakthi Balan, Associate Professor, LNMIIT, Jaipur, gave an invited talk on “Online Social Synchrony and its Application to Detect Events in Social Media”, on December 21st, 2018.

  7. 7. Prof. G Geethakumari gave an invited talk on "Embedded System Security" at the Defense Electronics Research Lab (DLRL), DRDO, Hyderabad, on December 12th, 2018.

  8. 8. Prof. G Geethakumari gave an invited talk on “Introduction to Cloud Forensics and its Challenges”, at the Training Programme for experts from BIMSTEC Countries) Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand , Nepal and Bhutan), on November 16th, 2018 at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Hyderabad. The event was jointly organized by National Investigation Agency (NIA), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and CFSL, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

  9. 9. The Computer Science Association of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus won the Best Technical Association for the year of 2017-2018. We congratulate the team and wish them success in all their future endeavours!

  10. 10. Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, Reliance Jio and Visiting Faculty, Indian School of Business, delivered an expert talk on “Evolution of AI Thinking for building Products of the Next Decade”, on 23rd October 2018. The talk was followed by a Hands-on session on “How to build AI Systems for unlimited scale”, by Mr.Shobhit Agarwal and Mr Prateek Srivastava, founders of and BITS Pilani graduates.


Sponsored Projects (Ongoing)

1. "Lightweight Code Self-verification for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices", under Indo-Dutch Joint Research Program for ICT funded by DeitY-NWO-Progress-Irdeto with a project outlay of 380, 000 Euros (INR 2.6 Crores) from July, 2015 to July, 2019. (Investigators : Prof. Chittaranjan Hota and Researchers from Vrije University, Amsterdam).
2. "Design and Development of Digital Forensic Tools for Cloud IaaS", Grant amount: Rs 55 lakhs, funded by Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, 2013. (Chief Investigator: Dr. G Geethakumari, Co-Investigator: Mr. Digambar Powar).

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