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M.Sc. Physics

Core Courses :
  • PHY F211 Classical Mechanics
  • PHY F21  Electromagnetic Theory I
  • PHY F213 Optics
  • PHY F214 Electricity, Magnetism & Optics  Laboratory
  • PHY F241 Electromagnetic Theory II
  • PHY F242 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PHY F243 Mathematical Methods of  Physics
  • PHY F244 Modern Physics Laboratory
  • PHY F311 Quantum Mechanics II
  • PHY F312 Statistical Mechanics
  • PHY F313 Computational Physics
  • PHY F341 Solid State Physics
  • PHY F342 Atomic & Molecular Physics
  • PHY F343 Nuclear & Particle Physics
  • PHY F344 Advanced Physics Laboratory 
Discipline Elective Courses :
  • BIO F215 Biophysics 
  • BITS F316 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 
  • BITS F317 Theoretical Neuroscience 
  • BITS F386 Quantum Information and Computation 
  • BITS F416 Introduction to Nanoscience 
  • BITS F417 Microfluidics & its Applications
  • BITS F446 Pattern Recognition 
  • EEE F426 Fibre Optics & Optoelectronics 
  • MATH F424 Applied Stochastic Processes
  • MATH F456 Cosmology 
  • PHY F215 Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics 
  • PHY F315 Theory of Relativity 
  • PHY F316 Musical Acoustics 
  • PHY F378 Plasma Physics and its Applications 
  • PHY F379 Thin Film Technology 
  • PHY F412 Introduction To Quantum Field Theory 
  • PHY F413 Particle Physics 
  • PHY F414 Physics of Advanced Materials 
  • PHY F415 General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology 
  • PHY F416 Soft Condensed Matter Physics 
  • PHY F417 Experimental Methods of Physics 
  • PHY F418 Lasers and Applications 
  • PHY F419 Advanced Solid State Physics 
  • PHY F420 Quantum Optics 
  • PHY F421 Advanced Quantum Mechanics 
  • PHY F422 Group Theory and Applications 
  • PHY F423 Special Topics in Statistical Mechanics 
  • PHY F424 Advanced Electrodynamics 
  • PHY F425 Advanced Mathematical Methods of Physics 
  • PHY F426 Physics of Semiconductor Devices 
  • PHY F427 Atmospheric Physics 
  • PHY F431 Geometrical Methods in Physics 
  • PHY F432 Classical Theory of Fields: A Symmetry Perspective 
  • PHY G512 Advanced Quantum Field Theory  

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