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 Increasing demand of water for various purposes has led to depletion of ground water table continuously over the years in campus. It is estimated that more than five crore litres of rainwater per annum, goes waste, as most of it evaporates, and rest which infiltrate into ground does not recharge very low ground water table. Presence of different minerals at deep ground level contaminates the water, and unsuitable for drinking without treatment. It is expected that if withdrawal of water continues, we may not have water in near future. As there is no other source of drinking water nearby Pilani, a feasible and only solution to meet the demand is to harvest rainwater, for drinking purpose and to replenish the ground water table.

The existing traditional rainwater harvesting schemes are not sustainable, reliable in terms of quality water, and adoptable. The proposed scheme will be implemented to suffice drinking water for 400 individuals (students and staff) and 200 lacs litres water will be used annually to replenish the ground water. Once the scheme is successful, it can be implemented in full campus, to provide drinking water for 6000 residents, and three crore liters water will be used to ground water replenishment annually. To implement the scheme, novel materials, products and models will be developed, for example: storage tanks which can self purify the water, multi-parametric water quality sensor (all in one), field deployable low cost device, sensing of fluoride ions in water by fabricating the ultrathin films, scenarios to plan against the uncertainty of future in terms of water, ground implementation of scheme for a section of campus that could be expandable to full campus, and model development for economical, social, institutional, and environmental sustainable that can be monitored by online central system.

BITS will provide lead in implementing the scheme at other region of the nation and world where water is scarce to become world leader in Water Management.  To achieve the goal scheme is divided into three phases and in first phase it is proposed the implement the scheme in Pilani campus to provide drinking water for 400 individuals (Staff and students) and 200 lacs litres for ground water replenishment. The expected cost is 21 million INR.
 These are the contributors who helped in implementing this project at Pilani campus. Their support and help will go in long way to make the project successful. For any project, initial support is always most useful and appreciated.
Name Batch   Address Mobile Amount  Image
Sunil Hans 79 (791VPF330) C-19 Sector 47, Noida, UP 201301 9810182252 25000/-  
Pradeep Chetal 1979 50000/-  
Sanjay Gehlot 1979

Rajiv Gupta    1979 BITS, Pilani 333031 8741959971 50000/-
B G Prasad 1979

Sanjay Kothari 1979

Ravi Sareen    1979

Sandeep Gupta 1979

 Dinesh Tyagi 1979
0124-4586111 200000/-
Suresh Kabra 1979

Santanu 1979

Vijay Singhal 1979 Vijai Singhal, 483, Shanti Nagar, Near Durgapura Railway Station, Jaipur 9667575992 25000/-
Ajit Rao 1979

Deepak Agarwal 1979

Padma Batra (Narang) 1979
9818227227 10000/-

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