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  • Faculty

    Name Designation Research Interests Phone*  (Prefix : +91-1596-51-)
    Web Page
    Dr. S K Choudhary
    Head of the Department 
    Associate Professor
    Phonetics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, ELT 
    5265  chskumar Personal Website
    Dr. Anil Rai Assistant Professor Appreciation of Music, Logic & Science of Music, Music and Spirituality 5604  anilrai Personal Website
    Dr. Mrs. Anupam Yadav Assistant Professor Western & Continental Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Science and Social Science 5726  anupam.yadav Personal Website
    Dr. Devika Sangwan Associate Professor  
    Feminism, Cinema, Language & Literature, Communication 
    5625   devika Personal Website
    Dr. G.S Chauhan
    Associate Professor
    Business and Advertizing Communication Applied Linguistics, Media Studies
    5626  gsc Personal Website
    Dr. Harikrishnan Gopinadhan Nair Assistant Professor History of Early Modern Hispanic-America, History of Political Thought, History of Universities, Gandhi Studies 5703   harinair Personal Website
    Dr. Kumar Neeraj Sachdev Associate Professor
    Normative  Ethics, Ethical Issues in Professions, Indian Philosophy 
    5390   kns Personal Website
    Dr. Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya Assistant Professor
    Postcolonial Literature and Culture, Indian Writing in English, Cultural and Literary Theories
    5876   kumar.bhattacharya Personal Website
    Dr. Madhurima Das Assistant Professor
     Gender Studies,Sociology of Mothering and Family, Labour Market, Globalization and Qualitative Research
    5731  madhurima.das Personal Website
    Dr. Muhammed Puthusseri Assistant Professor
    Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory, Marxism, Language Politics
     muhammed.p Personal Website
    Dr. Pushp Lata Associate Professor
    Business Communication, ELT, Soft Skills, Computer Mediated Communication, Film Studies 
    5612   plat Personal Website
    Dr. Rajneesh Choubisa Assistant Professor
    Positive Psychology, Online Behavioural Sciences, Work (I/O) Psychology, PPIs (OD)
    5877   rajneesh.choubisa Personal Website 
    Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Associate Professor
    Advertising, Communication, ELT, Media Studies 
    5609   sang Personal Website
    Dr. Sailaja Nandigama Assistant Professor Development Studies, Political Science, Environment Studies, Gender and Empowerment
    5700  sailajan Personal Website
    Dr. Sunita Raina Assistant Professor
    Sociology, Social Studies of Science and Technology [STS], Development Studies, Globalization Studies
    5864 sunita.raina Personal Website
    Dr. Sushila Shekhawat Associate Professor
    Film Studies, Feminism, Film & Fiction, Indian
    Writing in English, Media Studies
    5631   sula Personal Website
    Dr. Tanu Shukla Assistant Professor
    Research Methodology, Applied Social Psychology, Organisational Development, HRM
    5879  tanus Personal Website
    Dr. Virendra Singh Nirban Associate Professor
    Use and Implications of Technologies in Higher 
    Education, Mediated Communication
    5380  nirban Personal Website
    * For External Dialing, Prefix : +91-1596-51-

  • Research Scholar

    Name Supervisor Area of Research
    Mrs. C.V. Jayanthi
    Dr. Umesh Dhyani Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Indian Philosophy
    Mrs. Dolly Seehra
    Dr. Geetha B. Film Studies 
    Ms. Swarupa Deb
    Dr. Hari Nair Rights of Marginalised: The case of Transgender people in India
    Ms. Vidhi Agrawal
    Dr. Hari Nair Evolving contours of the political: modes of political communication employed by the people's movement towards transparency in India
    Ms. Priyanka Kumari
    Dr. Virendra Sngh Nirban Cross Cultural Communication
    Ms. Shivangi Priya
    Prof. PushpLata English Language Teaching
    Ms. Divya Dosaya
    Dr. Tanu Shukla Education and Psychology
    Ms. Shrija Srinivasan
    Dr. Sushila Rathore
    Digital Humanities
    Ms. Aayushi Malhotra
    Dr. Shailaja N Developmental Studies
    Ms. Namita Ruparel
    Dr. Rajneesh Choubisa Positive Organizational Psychology
    Mr. Mohit Sharma
    Prof. K N Sachdev and
    Dr. U Dhyani
    Corporate Governance, Public Sector Undertakings, Administrative Thought
    Mr Deepak Kumar
    Prof. PushpLata English Language Teaching
    Ms. Shalini Joshi
    Prof. Geetha B Green Tales : Tracing Eco consciouness in the selected Folk Tales of Rajasthan
    Abhay SD Rajput
    Dr. Sunita Raina Science Communication
    Ms. Kanupriy Arya
    Prof. Devika Literature Studies
    Mr. Umesh Mishra
    Prof. V S Nirban Technology Usage and Acceptance in Public Services

  • Departmental Committee





    Departmental Committee on Academics (DCA)  

     Prof. Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary, HOD, Chairperson

     Prof. Sangeeta Sharma-Convener

     Prof. Kumar Neeraj Sachdeva-Member

     Prof. Pushp Lata-Member

     Prof. V.S. Nirban-Member

     Dr. H G Nair-Member


     Departmental Research Committee

     Prof. Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary, HOD, ex-officio member and Chairperson, (Mobile No: 8441904939):

     Dr. Anupam Yadav-Convener

     Prof. Sushila Shekhawat-Member

     Dr. Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya-Member

     Dr. Tanu Shukla-Member

     Dr. Sailaja Nandigama-Member


    Cross campus Departmental Committee on Academics

     Prof. Sanjiv Kumar Choudhary, HOD

     Prof. Sangeeta Sharma 


    Departmental Seminar and Invited Talks 

    Dr. Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya-Convener

    Prof. Devika –Co-convener


    Departmental Collaboration Committee

    Dr. Rajneesh Choubisa-Convener

    Prof. Pushp Lata-Member

    Prof. V. S. Nirban-Member

    Dr. H G Nair-Member 

    Dr. Sunita Raina-Member


    Committee for New Programmes (including SIP)


    Prof. G S Chauhan-Convener

    Prof. Sangeeta Sharma-Member

    Prof. K N Sachdeva-Member

    Dr. H G Nair-Member

    Dr. Tanu Shukla-Member



    Department Publication Team (including Musings)


    Prof Devika-Convener

    Prof. G S Chauhan-Member

    Dr. H G Nair-Member

    Dr Kumar Sankar Bhattacharya-Member


     Department Website Management (Contents & Updates)

    Prof. G S Chauhan -Convener

    Prof. V S Nirban -Member


    Faculty Engagement & Recreation Committee

    Dr. Sailaja Nandigama-Convener

    Dr Anil Rai-Member

    Dr. Anupam Yadav-Member


    Student Faculty Council


    Prof. K N Sachdeva-Convener

    Prof. Pushp Lata-Member

    Dr. Sailaja Nandigama-Member

    Dr. Rajneesh Choubisa-Member

    Dr. Sunita Raina-Member


    Labs.  Maintenance Committee

    Prof. G. S. Chauhan-Convener

    Prof. V S Nirban-Member

    Prof. Sushila Shekhawat-Member

    Dr. Anil Roy-Member


    Departmental Purchasing Committee

    Prof. Pushp Lata-Convener 

    Dr. V S Nirban-Member

    Dr. Anil Roy-Member


    Department Association (Erstwhile LHSA)

    Dr. Rajneesh Choubisa-Prof. in charge

    Placement Representative

    Dr. Devika


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