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Faculty Members (On Campus)

Name Designation Email ID
(append )
Phone No. Website
Dr. M.S. Dasgupta,PhD
(Head of Department)
Room No.-2129
Professor dasgupta Mobile: +91 9829227459
Office: +91-1596-51-5223
personal website
Prof. Souvik Bhattacharyya
Senior Professor &
Vice - Chancellor, BITS Pilani
Senior Professor &
Vice - Chancellor
vc Office: +91-1596-51-5247 personal website
Dr. Bijay K. Rout,PhD
Associate Dean, ARCD
Room No.- 2225/3137
Professor rout Mobile: +91 9413891983
Office: +91-1596-51-5243/5430
personal website
Dr. K. S. Sangwan,PhD
Faculty-in-charge, Workshop
Room No.-2232/4119
Professor kss Mobile: +91 9929095384
Office: +91-1596-51-5730/5205
personal website
Dr. P. Srinivasan,PhD
Associate Dean, Practice School Division
Room No.-2224-A
Associate Professor psrinivasan Mobile: +91 9928671151
Office: +91-1596-51-5223
personal website
Dr.Srikanta Routroy,PhD
Associate Dean, ID
Room No.-2152-P/2231
Professor srikanta Mobile: +91 9694096456
Office: +91-1596-51-5306
personal website
Dr. Abhijeet K. Digalwar,PhD
Faculty-in-charge, Transport Services
Room No.-2227
Associate Professor akd Mobile: +91 9414403008
Office: +91-1596-51-5475
personal website
Dr. Manoj Soni,PhD
Associate Professor mssoni Mobile: +91 9414741925
Office: +91-1596-51-5634
personal website
Dr. Rajesh P Mishra,PhD
Nucleus Member, ID
Room No.-2152-A (ID)
Associate Professor rpm Mobile: +91 9950674963
Office: +91-1596-51-5304
personal website
Dr Aakash Chand Rai,PhD
Room No.-2243-D
Assistant Professor aakash.rai Mobile: +91 7359532487
Office: +91-1596-51-5811
personal website
Dr Amol Marathe,PhD
Room No.-2228
Assistant Professor amolmm Mobile: +91 9950210650
Office: +91-1596-51-5706
personal website
Aneesh A. M., PhD
Room No.-6020-M
Assistant Professor Mobile: +91 9769522595
Office: +91-1596-51-5818
personal website
Dr.Arun Kr. Jalan,PhD
Room No.-2202-E
Assistant Professor arunjalan Mobile: +91 9509045002
Office: +91-1596-51-5687
personal website
Dr. A R Harikrishnan, PhD
Room No.-2146M
Assistant Professor ar.harikrishnan Mobile: +91-9446065687
Office: +91-1596-51-
personal website
Dr. Girish Kant, PhD
Room No.-2218-C
Assistant Professoror girish Mobile: +91 9928295479
Office: +91-1596-51-5837
personal website
Dr. Jitendra S. Rathore, PhD
Room No.-2202-C
Assistant Professor jitendrarathore Mobile: +91 9694096472
Office: +91-1596-51-5287
personal website

Dr Murali Palla, PhD
Room No.-2202-B

Assistant Professor murali.palla Mobile: +91 9571028863
Office: +91-1596-51-5718
personal website
Dr. Prateek Kala, PhD
Room No.-2123-Thermal Sc.Lab.
Assistant Professoror prateek.kala Mobile: +91 8447855351
Office: +91-1596-51-5719
personal website
Dr. Sachin U Belgamwar, PhD
Room No.-2202-D
Assistant Professor sachinbelgamwar Mobile: +91 9460230405
Office: +91-1596-51-5840
personal website
Dr. Sharad Shrivastava,PhD
Room No.-2146-N
Assistant Professor sharad_shrivastava Mobile: +91 9351150986
Office: +91-1596-51-5836
personal website
Dr. Shyam Sunder Yadav, PhD
Room No.-2202-A
Assistant Professor ss.yadav Mobile: +91 9902346342
Office: +91-1596-51-5854
personal website
Dr. Tufan Chandra Bera,PhD
Room No.-2226
Assistant Professor tcbera Mobile: +91 9166682620
Office: +91-1596-51-5874
personal website
Dr. Venkatesh Kadbur Prabhakar Rao, PhD
Room No.-2243-F
Assistant Professor venkateshkp.rao Mobile: +91 9986378171
Office: +91-1596-51-5848
personal website
Mr. Gajanand Gupta, MTech
Room No.-6020-L
Assistant Professor,
gajanand_gupta Mobile: +91 8302443332
Office: +91-1596-51-5845
personal website
Dr. Gaurav Watts
Room No.-2243-Q
Visiting Assistant Professor gaurav.watts Mobile: +918447568745 
Office: +91-1596-51-5669
personal website
Dr. Keyur B Joshi, PhD
Room No.-2243-R
Visiting Assistant Professor keyur.joshi Mobile: +91 9106662621
Office: +91-1596-51-5842
personal website
Dr. Ravinder Kumar
Room No.- 2243-P
Visiting Assistant Professor ravinder.kumar Office: +91-1596-51-5676 personal website
Faculty members of same designation have been arranged alphabetically. 

Faculty Members (Off Campus)

Name Designation Email ID (append ) Phone Location
Arun Maity
Location : Kolkata
Associate Professor maitya +91 9748821168
+91 9903523835
personal website
Dinesh Wamanrao Wagh
Location : Pune
Assistant Professor dw.wagh +91 9928797973 personal website
Naga Vamsi Krishna Jasti
Location : Hyderabad
Assistant Professor nv.krishna +91 9158042090
+91 9373740561
personal website
Pavan Kumar Potdar
Location : Mumbai
Assistant Professor pavan.potdar +91 9869771853
+91 9594891045
personal website
Pb Venkataraman
Location : Hyderabad
Associate Professor, Associate Dean and Group Leader pb.venkataraman +91 9036091967 personal website
Rambir Badhauria
Location : Mumbai
Associate Professor rambir.bhadouriya +91 99200 62438 personal website
Ravi Shrikrishna Reosekar
Location : Pune
Assistant Professor ravi.reosekar +91 9822326534 personal website
S Raghuraman
Location : Chennai
Assistant Professor s.raghuraman +91 8939080025 personal website
Samata Mujumdar
Location : Pune
Assistant Professor samata.mujumdar +91 9421006627 personal website
Srinivas Kota
Location : Bengaluru
Assistant Professor srinivas.kota +91 9414935853
+91 8074686611
personal website
Sudeep Kr Pradhan
Location : Pune
Assistant Professor sk.pradhan +91 9274580971 personal website
Faculty members of same designation have been arranged alphabetically. 

Research Scholars

Name BITS ID Email ID Area of Research
Mr. Kailash Chaudhari Green supply chain management personal website
Mr. Kiran Raj K Fracture analysis of biological/bio-inspired composites personal website
Mr. Manikandan H Study on Surface Errors in Milling of Thin-Walled Geometries. personal website
Mr. Narpat Ram Sangwa Lean Manufacturing personal website
Ms. Neetu Malik
Development of Fully Biodegradable Nano Composites Film for Packaging Applications
personal website
Mr. Nilesh Purohit Refrigeration and Air conditioning personal website
Mr. Nitesh Sihag Study of energy efficiency of machine tool. personal website
Ms. Paridhi Puri
Bio-particle separation in MEMS Device
personal website
Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Combustion of biomass and coal in fluidized bed combustor.
personal website
Mr. Rohit Gunerkar S.
Nonlinear mathematical modeling and  experimental investigation of rolling element bearing with multiple localized defect.
personal website
Mr. Sangram Kesharidas das.sangramkeshari@gmail Mobile Robotics personal website
Mr. Sanjeev Jakhar
Design and Analysis of Photovoltaic/thermal and concentrating photovoltaic/thermal system with earth water heat exchanger cooling system.
personal website
Ms. Shivani Nain shivaninain511@gmail
MEMS, Microfluidics and Nanorobotics.
personal website
Ms. Tamalika Bhakat tamalikabhakat@gmail
MEMS, Smart Materials and Microfluidics.
personal website
Mr. Rahul Priyadarshi Design of Post Harvest Supply Chain for Selected Agriculture Produces in India. personal website
Mr. Vivek Tiwari
High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Using Eutectic Alloys For Concentrated Solar Power Plant.
personal website
Mr. Anuj Dixit Healthcare supply chain management personal website
Mr. Gokhale Nitish Pandurang Development and experimental investigation of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing(WAAM)process personal website
Mr. Chetan Jalendra Robotic application in assembly operations personal website
Mr. Santosh Kumar Saraswat Sustainable Energy Generation and Management personal website
Mr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava Tribology personal website
Mr. Shailendra Pawanr Energy consumption of machine tools personal website
Mr. Abhishesh Mishra Manufacturing personal website
Mr. Amresh Kumar - personal website
Mr. Ajay Dadabhau Pingale Metal Matrix Composites personal website
Mr.Santosh Kumar Saini Natural Refrigerants and cold storage personal website
Mr. Shailender Singh Electronic waste management personal website
Mr. Rahul Ukey Energy Building personal website
Mr. F Abdullah Sultan Supply Chain Management personal website
Mr. Rishi Kumar Learning Factory personal website
Mr. Shital Patil Nonlinear Vibration personal website

Travel Grant for Faculty and Research Scholars



  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems Laboratory
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Laboratory
  • IC Engines Laboratory
  • Prime Movers & Fluid Machines Laboratory 
  • Transport Phenomena Laboratory

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